Drupal, all you need to know about the basics

Drupal is considered the worldwide best open source CMS. Its continuous development process provides constant security updates, stable core and the availability of a wide range of open source modules for additional functionalities.

Some top Drupal features are detailed multilingual integration, robust user management with detailed content workflow, manage and display content any way you want with content types and views, all this with no need of adding extra modules, find it all in the core with Drupal 8’s new features.

Drupal for business sites

The best place to show the world your business is by creating a place for it on the internet.

Take advantage of all the benefits of interacting with existing clients or gaining new ones by advertising your services, using contact forms, creating surveys or mailing lists. With Drupal you can be the manager of your own site by refreshing it’s content as frequently as you wish keeping your audience updated with your latest services and offers.


Drupal for ecommerce sites

Drupal’s Ubercart ecommerce system is one of best online shopping modules available.

In today’s dynamic world, offering your clients other options to purchase your products or services besides traveling to the local store can only bring you benefits, as online shopping has become one of modern day’s commodities. At Themes CMS, we can setup and configure the online shop, customize and build the product catalog; and setup the payment system. Sell from the comfort of your home and get the payments deposited to your bank account or prepaid credit card.


Drupal for education sites

Drupal is the preferred CMS online solution for schools, colleges, universities and institutes.

The capacity it has of managing users in different groups or roles widens the capacity of providing specific content to a determined sector of users. Find everything you need in Drupal to enhance the media in your site with file downloads, image galleries or display video tutorials.


Drupal for pesonal sites

Simple, flexible, friendly

The flexibility of Drupal allows you to build small sites as well as large complex ones. In its simplest form, Drupal can also be used for blogging, photo galleries, or document archives.


...and extend

along with other modules to display media, setup slideshows,
manage content workflows among many others
available at drupal.org

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